Beyond The Horizon

Bioinformatics tools and online services.

Bioinformatics tools

Tools. Tools. Tools.

More and more applications are run in the cloud.

Nevertheless they are situations where it is prefered to have these applications and tools run on a local machine.

This is why we offer applications that run locally on many devices (embeded systems, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X).

Online services

Easy. Faster. Powerful.

But they are working on it for a future release.

Big data

The three Vs

We make it easier for accessing the services and tools.

On-demand access to the big data infrastructure.


Tailored applications and services

Our team can custom-built applications, web services, bioinformatics code, etc.


Here to serve

Any issue with of the tools or services? We are there to help.

Open Source

In real open source, you have the right to control your own destiny. ~ Linus Torvals

We believe in the power of the open source community.

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